Alex Musicci

Alex Musicci is a singer, songwriter and performer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His music is particularly inspired by the colors of world music, the melodies of R&B and the immediacy of pop, going for a personal and unique blend of sounds.

Alex’s massive charisma reminds of artists such as Prince of Michael Jackson, while is attention to visual details is a powerful insights into his passion for great design and fashion, which are incorporated seamlessly into his style and identity as a performer.

Alex makes music that entertains, inspires and captivates Alex Musicci, pursuing beauty through sounds and visuals alike.

His upcoming new single titled "Motivation" will solidify him as a pop superstar with dance moves like late Michael Jackson. We always know his fashion aesthetics are unique and he has promised a lot of that in his upcoming music videos.


Instagram: @alex_musicci

Twitter: @alexmusicci

Tiktok: @alex_musicci

Facebook Fan: @alexmusicciworld

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