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When it comes to pain and alternative medical treatments, people turn their attention to Traditional Chinese Medicine, where they can find a varied number of options that don't need the use of pills and chemical medication.

Although acupuncture is the most famous around the world, some other techniques are gaining renown between celebrities and athletes. One of these methods is cupping; here, you will find all you need to know about this health treatment.


Cupping is a health treatment know for many years in Asian culture. It is commonly related to Chinese techniques; however, it may have been used in other cultures as well. It has become trendy in this modern era, mostly remembered during the lastest Olympic games, where the athlete Michael Phelps showed dark circular marks on his body, as a result of this treatment.

It implements the application of emptiness on the muscles, helping the natural circulation of the blood, also related to the correct flow of the energy through the body. It also helps a faster reaction from the metabolism, and it helps to reduce the pain in certain areas. Some people use it even acupuncture near me to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In cupping, the specialist uses a cup made of glass, ceramic, or even bamboo, adding a piece of burning cotton inside it to suck the oxygen inside and create the emptiness effect.

Types of Cupping

This technique can be applied in different ways, depending on what the patient desires.

Massage. For the cupping massage, the specialist takes the cup and moves it over the skin instead of leaving it in a spot. It is mostly applied on the back, but it also works great on the legs and arms.

Fire cupping. It is the most common application of this technique, where the therapist leaves the cup on the selected part of the body for a few minutes, that way the cup sucks the impurities of the body and allow the blood to flow correctly.

Dry cupping. Some therapists prefer this method, where they use plastic or rubber suction cups instead of glass, lowering the risk of burning the skin if it is not done by a professional. It has the same effect and requires less preparation.

Wet cupping. It is one of the most controversial applications of cupping. Once the blood is concentrated on a spot, the specialist makes an incision on the skin, bleeding the patient.

Trust the professionals

Though it may sound simple, the correct application of cupping is something that not anyone with the tools can do without training. It is best to leave it on the hands of therapists and specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine that has the preparation and understand the anatomy and flow of the energy in the human body.

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