Tim Han Reveals How to He Overcame Racism and Inspired the Lives of 40 Million People

Life wasn't always easy for Tim Han. As a young immigrant boy who experienced a childhood of abuse, racism and pain, it's easy to imagine that Tim Han would have been resigned to a very hard life.

But rather than allow these chains to drag him down, he relied on his spirit and effort to climb out of this life and achieve this that most people could only dream of.

And now he's on a mission to change lives and inspire hope in millions through his LMA Life mastery achievers course.

Here is his story.

Growing up

Tim Han's early years were filled with pain and cruelty.  Born in South Korea, Tim endured a horribly abusive father and had to watch with horror as his mother gave everything to support the family on her back.

But while it hurting seeing his mother struggle, he knew then that he needed to do everything he could to help her.

Dealing with racism and an immigrant child

Due to the domestic political turmoil in South Korea,Tim's mother took the family to Poole in the UK. While this was meant to be a fresh start, the reality was even more pain. He experienced incredible racism from his classmates and was mercilessly teased for being different. The bullying got so bad that it lead to genuine violence and he often feared for his physical safety on account of his accent, skin colour and the shape of his eyes.

A troubled coming of age

Tim's reaction was understandable. Violence begets violence and he became a bully himself, completely betraying the vow he made to work hard to protect his mother.

As his grades deteriorated, his hopes of further education were dashed and he continued down a path of violence, vices and even crime.

Starting from the bottom

After a stern intervention from his mother, Tim got a job scrubbing toilets, hardly a position anyone aspires to reach.

He knew something needed to change or his life would go down the toilet too. That's when he discovered personal growth through places like Youtube.

A new lease on life

The topic of personal development was all he wanted to experience  and so he consumed content ravenously. Whether it was paid courses, books, videos and even getting a coach.

His life was completely changed and from there, Tim had an incredible confidence to take on the world as a force for good and founded the Youtube channel Success Insider.

And clearly, Tim was on to something as he had several viral videos that have resonated with a huge number of people. By 2016, Success Insider was the fastest growing personal development channel on Youtube as millions had become inspired by Tim's incredible message.

Helping people today

Tim Han has worked tirelessly to help millions of people all around the globe discover the best versions of themselves and find happiness in their lives.

His flagship course, the LMA Life Mastery Achievers Course, has been a smash hit, reaching people in over 59 countries. Tim’s story is not unlike many and he shares it not to brag, but to inspire others to take control of their life once and for all.

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