Wealth & Asset Management

We collaborate with wealth managers, asset managers, and retirement investors to build value in a rapidly changing market.

Our clients are looking for an ongoing and profound operational and strategic improvement in improvement and efficiency. We offer guidance on issues related to strategy, organization earning improvement, operations, and IT and marketing and sales. We also collaborate with clients to formulate solid observations about the future of the business and make strategic decisions that allow companies to thrive and adapt in an ever-changing market.

Our collaborative approach, based on facts, is based on extensive research that encompasses all the retail and institutional segments and asset classes (for instance, alternative funds) and financial products like trade funds and outcomes-oriented funds. Our proprietary tools offer unique insights into the flow of assets, the economics and flows of each sub-segment of these markets, and the behavior and preferences of investors, consumers, and intermediaries.

We tackle the entire variety of challenges that our clients face, which includes:

  • Growth. We assist clients in identifying and Graham Sprules taking on new segments and markets that give them a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Operations. We assist in designing and implementing top-quality front- and back-office procedures in managing portfolios and risk technology and distribution.
  • Organization. We work with our clients to design the most efficient structures and processes for organizational development.
  • Investment performance. We help clients with portfolio management, research, and knowledge management, focusing on executing with excellence. Through roundtables and conferences for senior executives, we encourage the regular exchange of research and analysis and supply our clients with the latest information that is relevant to their requirements.

Some examples of our work

We partner with the most prestigious institutions across the major markets in the world. Recent engagements include:

  • Working with a US private banking institution to design an expansion strategy that is based on an overall analysis of personal and market financial service profit model
  • making organizational structure changes for a newly-formed global distribution group that is integrated
  • Supporting the efforts of a European firm in its exchange-traded-fund strategy
  • working with an asset manager in cost reductions for marketing and sales improvement and on track to achieve between 15 and 20 percent cost reductions
  • aiding a significant bank in forming an integrated retirement strategy identifying the critical possibilities to maximize the value of 401(k), IRA rollovers, and defined contribution, as well as designing the supporting design.

Features and capabilities

Performance Lens

Performance Lens combines an industry-leading database, extremely-tailored and thorough benchmarks, and an analytic tool that uses regression to assist asset managers in identifying opportunities to boost business performance.

Visit Performance Lens for Wealth & Asset Management solution for more information regarding McKinsey's Performance Lens or contact the solution.


PriceMetrix is an analytics platform for practice management that lets financial advisors and their businesses measure performance and growth against the most comprehensive and most detailed data on wealth management for retail available anywhere in the world.

For more information about McKinsey's PriceMetrix to help you with your Wealth & Asset Management solution, you can go to PriceMetrix.

Global Private Banking Survey

It includes more than 100 players across the globe and the majority of those in the top 10 players from every central region.

A handful of top wealth managers utilize technology to equip RMs with the tools they need to provide clients with more efficiency and efficiency. These companies have increased revenue and cut operational costs by giving particular solutions. Some have adopted a zero-based approach, reworking their technology infrastructure and adopting advanced analytics that informs specific services.

The clear benefits of being customer-focused

The advantages of digitization apply to all markets. Still, the potential for leveraging digitization to gain a substantial performance improvement is especially significant in the regions where wealth managers haven't yet taken advantage of the opportunity. In Asia, as an example, most wealth managers require a complete embrace of the digital way of working (Exhibit 2.). We estimate that the IT-driven transformation could yield anywhere from $40-$45 billion in incremental value for wealth managers who serve high-net-worth people in Asia, equivalent to around 25 basis points in an asset pool of $17 trillion.

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